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Flicker Light Studio™

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Flicker Light Studio™ was formed in 1988 to promote and sell the creative expressions of Tom Repasky. The studio is focused on digital production. The programs and technology used are professional level with the capability of producing broadcast ready hi-def (1920x1080) video with 5.1 sound. Flicker Light Studio can create and produce professional quality DVDs, and CDs, with artwork printed on the disc.

Flicker Light Studio™ can design and produce business graphics such as logos, business cards, brochures, annual reports, power point presentations, posters, signage, a as well as broadcast and print advertising.

Flicker Light Studio™ can film and photograph Weddings and Special Events. The result can be produced as a DVD movie, a slide show of photogrpahs, published in as a hard cover book, printed in various sizes using archival ink and paper. The choice is yours.

Flicker Light Studio™ can edit and restore old photographs and touch-up images to remove blemishes and such.

Flicker Light Studio™ can edit your digital videos and create a DVD or CD that you can share with family and friends.

Tom Repasky

For more than thirty years Tom Repasky has filmed and photographed the world around him. During that time he developed his artistic and music skills. Working as a computer engineer, beginning in the late 1960s, he was able to explore the technologies that would become common place many years later. His interest in art gave him the motivation and training to understand composition and perspective.

Tom has been running a freelance technology consulting business via the internet for years. Opening the Tea Gallery has allowed him to move that business into its own home (rather than cyberspace), where again, he can meet with clients face to face and offer his expertise on anything from web development to system security assessments and audits. Tom's long involvement with digital art has also brought him into the role of instructor, as artists see his work and become interested in how to use the 3d programs for their own projects. As a result, he has also started to offer classes in how to create 3d art and animation. Now a resident of Danville, PA. he has begun to market his film and photography skills and talents.


Kristina Sheldon

Kristina is a graduate of the California College of Arts and Crafts. She paints in acrylic, and also creates multimedia pieces. She has twenty years of experience in graphic design, and in particular designing for physicians and medical departments. She offers assistance with powerpoint presentations for medical instruction, plus poster design for national conferences. She also produces brochure and business card designs, and is an experienced copywriter.

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