Flicker Light Studio creating lasting memories

Flicker Light Studio™

creating lasting memorieS

Video, Audio, Animations, Artwork, Graphics

For Business and Consumers


Using an animation in a broadcast advertisement or on a web site can increase your customer response rate.Your business message can be conveyed as visual entertainment. Animations are more memorable than static images.

We can design and create animations in 2d or 3d that will effectively communicate your business message(s). We can also create royalty free music to accompany a narrative audio track for broadcast or the Internet.

Our rates are very competitive and usually much less than you would pay a graphics or animation studio. We generally work on an hourly basis but can also quote a price based upon your specific needs and requirements.

Why use us?

  • We are local
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary focus
  • We have an artistic perspective
  • We understand business
  • We have the tools, skills, and experience
  • The best value for you at the lowest cost