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Audio and Music

Audio captured while using a digital camera is often noisy and hard to hear. We can clean up the audio for you. You may have a slide show of photos to which you would like add a narrative. You may want to add music to a slide show or video. We have the tools and expertise.

We can create royalty free music for what ever purpose you need. We can record a narrative for your movie or slide show. We can create a DVD with multiple audio tracks and we can do this in stereo or surround sound (5.1).

If you have a commercial ready for broadcast but want to add some music or other audio content, we can help you and create a broadcast ready file ready to go.

We can convert cassette audio to CD or DVD however, the quality will not be as good as a CD due to the cassette technology. We can convert your CDs to MP3 files for your portable devices and newer DVD/CD players.

Our rates are very competitive and usually much less than you would pay a music studio or sound engineer. We generally work on an hourly basis but can also quote a price based upon your specific needs and requirements.

Why use us?

  • We are local
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary focus
  • We have an artistic perspective
  • We understand business
  • We have the tools, skills, and experience
  • The best value for you at the lowest cost