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Flicker Light Studio™

creating lasting memorieS

Video, Audio, Animations, Artwork, Graphics

For Business and Consumers

If it's digital we design, create, edit, and archive it

If you need quality digital graphics, photos, or videos, we have the professional tools and expertise that can service your needs. We are great at design, mindful of production costs, and committed to delivering a product on time and within your budget.

Weddings and Events

We will take photographs and videos of your event, review the results with you and then produce the product you choose.

Business Graphics

Businesses need logos, letterheads, signage, business cards, web sites, annual reports, and other graphic oriented collateral. We design and produce business graphics.

Broadcast and Print Advertisement

Our tools and expertise can be used to design and create print or broadcast advertising. We can take your ideas or develop one for you that will be effective and will promote your business or special event.


We are not a photography studio specializing in portraits however, we can take photos of just about anything you could desire. We can help you by making a record your of your assets, recording and documenting damage to your property, recording a before and after sequence, capturing images from special events. We can create a slide show of your existing photos or digital images.

Photograph Restoration and Touch Up

We can scan and restore old photos. We can remove blemishes and marks on photos as well. If you have a photo that needs some touch up work or a digital image that you would like touched up, we can do it. We can make you look thinner, remove items from your photos, even add items.

Video Editing

Digital cameras can take great videos but have limited tools for editing. We can edit your videos, clean up the audio, add music, and much more.

Digital Archiving

You have a great digital camera and probably hundreds if not thousands of photos. We can create a DVD or CD archive of the ones you want to keep. We can also create a slide show or movie of your photographs on a DVD or CD that will play on any DVD player.


Animations can be used in many ways to help promote a business or an added visual for a web site. We can design and create an animation that will be memorable.

Audio and Music

Digital cameras sometimes do not have great sound recording capabilities. We can edit your video file and clean up the audio portion. We can compose and create music for your advertisement or DVD slide show.

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