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Weddings and Special Events

Weddings and Special Events are memories that you will want to preserve and share. We can take photographs and videos of your event, review the results with you and then produce the product you choose.

We can create a DVD movie of your event, a DVD or CD slide show of photographs, high quality prints on archival paper with archival inks (in various sizes), even compile and assemble your selected photos into a hardcover book that can be ordered online and delivered to your family, friends, and associates.


We will film the event using a hi-def movie camera (1920x1080) with 5.1 sound. If you prefer photos we will take them using 8 or 10 mega pixel camerars. We can also do both video and photos.


Once the filming and photos are completed we will review them with you to determine which ones you would like produced and the medium you would like (DVD, prints, book, a web site). We can produce a video suitable for YouTube and other video sharing sites as well.


Our rates are very competitive and usually much less than you would pay a photography studio. We generally work on an hourly basis but can also quote a price based upon your specific needs and requirements.

Why use us?

  • We are local
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary focus
  • We have an artistic perspective
  • We understand business
  • We have the tools, skills, and experience
  • The best value for you at the lowest cost